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We remanufacture, rebuild, and repair hundreds of different starters here at Fondy Auto Electric. Looking for starters for a John Deere tractor? Maybe a starter for a Ford truck? We carry starters for most any application out there, and even if we don't carry the exact one you need we'll gladly rebuild the starter that you already have and return it to you! Search our online catalog to find exactly what you need!

The Remanufacturing Process

The remanufacturing process at Fondy Auto Electric starts with the complete disassembly of the starter, alternator, or generator. In the teardown process "wearable" parts such as brushes, bushings, bearings, starter drives and solenoids are discarded. These "wear" parts will be replaced with new or remanufactured parts in the assembly step of our process.

Housings and other mechanical non-wear parts are thoroughly cleaned and inspected. Parts that pass inspection will be restored to like-new appearence and reused. Major electrical parts are cleaned and tested to stringent standards using the lasted technology. Parts that pass our testing process will be reconditioned and reused.

To ensure quality of all component parts are thoroughly tested and the completed assembly is load tested. That is, the alternators, starters, and generators are tested on machines that simulate actual operating conditions so that we know the unit will perform when installed on your vehicle.

Our goal with each and every unit that we produce is to have a remanufactured unit that is better than new in performance and appearence.

Antiques & Classics

If our computer catalog does not show a listing for your appilcation, please give us a call. We do have other information that may allow us to identify the part that you need. Even though your part is not listed in our catalog we still may have it in stock! If we don't stock that specific part we can rebuild your alternator, starter, or generator and return it to you!

For more information about our Remanufactured Starters please contact any of our locations listed below!

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